Making spring cleaning a little easier year on year …

The ritual of ‘spring cleaning’ appears in many cultures and has many different customs such as the Jewish practice of thoroughly cleaning the home before the springtime festival of Passover, or the Iranian practice of ‘khaneh tekani’ which literally translates into ‘shaking the house’ and occurs just before the Persian new year, at Spring equinox. Everything in the home from carpets to curtains is deep cleaned.

Spring cleaning is a time to clean away not just the physical cobwebs from our homes, but also metaphorically from our minds. Studies have shown that it’s not just our physical wellbeing and health that benefit from a big clean, but also our mental wellbeing.

While spring cleaning marks the beginning of the end of winter, in clearing and freshening our homes, we welcome the calm and sense of accomplishment that we feel once we have completed the ‘big clean’ – but starting it can be a bit daunting.

While the day-to-day and week-to-week cleaning routines keep ‘on top’ of the everyday dirt and dust, grime still builds up on surfaces such as the shower, kitchen tiles and paintwork, even after the weekly ‘cat-lick’ with a cloth! The spring clean is in an altogether different league – but is there a way to make spring cleaning easier and quicker? 

Yes, it appears there is –  and not just the spring clean, but the everyday as well.  It involves harnessing technology and no, Alexa can’t do it for you! However, the nano-technology behind the creation of ultra thin nano-coatings can protect many household surfaces against staining and ground-in dirt, making surfaces ‘easy clean’ – and in the case of windows and household glass ‘self-cleaning’ (to a point).

Leading nano-coatings in simple terms (with  a little bit of science….) are a liquid layer of silicon dioxide SiO2 (sand) approximately 120 nm thick, that when applied to a substrate, will bond with it forming a ‘glass-like’ barrier. The coating becomes part of the substrate – enhancing performance and delivering new functionality to the material. These coatings have been developed to ease the chore of cleaning and help to maintain the aesthetic appearance of many household surfaces. 

The other great benefit of nano-coatings is that they are really simple and easy to use. For most, it’s a case of spray and polish-in after deep cleaning, the perfect final step to your spring clean.

Nano-coatings such as Glassguard™, FabricShield™ , Showerguard™ and Bathroom Wipe-out 365™ ensure that your windows, kitchen and bathrooms are easier to clean, not just in the spring but all year round. Taking a little extra time after you have deep-cleaned to treat your shower glass, glazed tiles, cooker, bathroom and kitchen sinks and many other surfaces will pay dividends in the weeks and months ahead.

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