Car Zone

Complete protection for
your vehicle, inside and out

A range of car care products – containing market leading durable nano-ceramics (for external bodywork, alloys and plastics) as well as an extensive range of nano-coatings for windscreens and upholstery.

Dura Nano Ceramic Car Paint Protection – the best skin in the game!

Dura genuine nano-ceramic products give external paintwork up to 9H hardness protection and a corresponding 100,000 km durability. Dura gives car bodywork superb water and dirt repellence with a high durability against everyday wear and tear from driving through scratch resistance. Dura bonds to synthetic and metallic surfaces and provides superior non-stick, easy-clean benefits.


ScreenGuard™- for the best point-of-view whilst driving!

ScreenGuard™ is an auto-glass hydrophobic easy-clean non-stick nano coating that is crystal-clear, UV-stable, chemically inert and extremely durable – lasting approx’ 12,000 km before re-application. Rain simply beads off!


Man treating a convertible car roof.

Soft Top/Cabriolet Waterproofer – Rambo’ strength repellance for your roof!

Soft Top / Cabriolet Waterproofer is a water-based spray-on product developed for ease of use by car detailers and enthusiasts alike. It provides a water and oil repellent nano-barrier for weatherproofing heavily or regularly soaked, soiled or stained convertible soft tops. It is highly resistant to UV degradation from the suns rays.


Car Leather & Textile Treatment - Treat me clean – treat me kind!

Car Leather & Textile Treatment is a fluorine free dirt and water repellent coating for use on all your car’s interior upholstery. It nourishes and conditions new and vintage car leather and provides a nano barrier around individual textile fibres.

It provides excellent hydrophobic and dirt repellent performance, without affecting the look and handle of the fabric. It also repels dirt and mud brought in on shoes, dirty sports kit – whilst helping to prevent food and drink stains.


Germ Wipe-out 365™ (Liquid Guard) – Making your mobile personal zone safer inside

Germ Wipe-Out 365 kit contains Liquid Guard® Antimicrobial Surface treatment which is a permanently bonding SiO2 quartz based antimicrobial coating that bonds to non-absorbent surfaces for long-term bacteria and virus kill.

Germ Wipe-out 365 is of particular benefit if your vehicle : 
• Is shared with work colleagues
• Goes on school runs
• Carries elderly parents
It can be used on all high touch surfaces such as internal and external door handles, key fobs, dashboards, screens and seat belts. 

Liquid Guard® Textile Spray – Banish bugs from the back-seat!

Liquid Guard® Textile Spray is an antimicrobial treatment for textiles. Based on SiO2 (quartz) the coating bonds to the fabrics fibres providing them with a long term bacterial and viral kill.

The coating’s active ingredient creates nano-spikes which puncture pathogens on surface contact. Hence the spread of common household infections such as SARS CoV 2, Influenza A through hand-surface-hand contact is prevented.

Liquid Guard offers particular benefit if your vehicle : 

• Is shared with work colleagues
• Goes on school runs
• Carries elderly parents

Anti-Mist – Clearly makes sense …

Anti-Mist is a glass cleaner that prevents mist/fogging on internal windows and mirrors, removing the need to wipe condensation away which often leaves visible streaks when dry.