Antimicrobial Zone

Create constant surface disinfection

With no barriers to the winter and flu season the transmission of coughs and colds becomes part of daily life for many, but for the estimated half a million people in the UK today who live with some form of immunosuppression, this is a great concern.

Germ Wipe-Out 365™ Antimicrobial Surface Treatment - against hand-surface-hand infection.

Germ Wipe-Out 365 Antimicrobial surface treatment kit is a self-disinfecting ‘wipe-on glass’ liquid coating that makes non-absorbent household surfaces ‘self disinfecting’. This means that it kills on contact harmful microbes that are transferred unwittingly to the surface through hand-surface-hand contact from visitors, family, friends and carers.
The antimicrobial coating within the Germ Wipe-Out 365 kit is easily applied to high touch household surfaces such as front door handles, wheelie bin handles, keys, shared phones, tablets and remote controls.
Not only does the Liquid Guard active ingredient kill microbes on surface contact, but it also repels liquids and dirt whilst preventing micro scratches. It can be used on all non-absorbent household surfaces that are at risk of becoming breeding grounds of infection.

Liquid Guard® Textile Spray - Starves bed-bugs by killing their food source.

Liquid Guard Textile Spray – is an antimicrobial treatment for textiles, which contains a permanently bonding active ingredient that bonds to the fabrics’ fibres providing them with a constant long-term antimicrobial action.

The coating creates nano-scale “spikes” on the fibre surface that physically kill microbes on surface contact, thus preventing the spread of common household infections such as Influenza A  and other household infections through hand-surface-hand contact.