Waterproofing Zone

Outstanding water-repellent coatings.

Enjoying the outdoors clearly benefits us – both physically and mentally. However when making the most of the outdoors in the UK , waterproofing is considered a “must”!
Many garments come already waterproofed, but with time the effectiveness fades, leading to loss of repellence. Our range of waterproofing treatments for leather and textiles are ideal for new and used items from faux suede walking shoes to tent canvas.  

Fabricshield™- Protection come rain or shine!

Fabricshield™ is a water based, spray-on stain and water repellent coating for use on outdoor clothing. Its’ ease of application makes it an ideal product for treatment of an extensive range of home and outdoor textiles.
The SiO2 (quartz) based coating forms a protective barrier around every single fibre, creating a hydrophobic (water repellent) and oleophobic (oil repellent) easy-clean surface. The dirt repellent coating can be used to coat an item for the first time or as a re-application.

Leather and Textile Treatment - Fluorine free water repellence

Leather and Textile Treatment is a fluorine free, eco-friendly, easily-applied water and dirt repellent nano-coating, providing excellent hydrophobic protection against the elements. It also nourishes leather to maintain or regain its suppleness, appearance and feel.


Man treating a convertible car roof.

Soft Top/Cabriolet Waterproofer – Rambo’ strength repellance for your roof!

Soft Top / Cabriolet Waterproofer is a water-based spray-on product developed for ease of use by car detailers and enthusiasts alike. It provides a water and oil repellent nano-barrier for weatherproofing heavily or regularly soaked, soiled or stained convertible soft tops. It is highly resistant to UV degradation from the suns rays.