Our Vision:

A world where no harsh unsustainable cleaning chemicals need to be used within the home.

Our Mission:

To save you time by making the world “easy-clean” – while reducing the need for harsh cleaning chemicals – and keeping household surfaces looking good !!

Our Products:

Protection Zone nano-coating products have been used widely in industrial and commercial applications for over 20 years – where they have provided alternative technology to traditional and widely used fluorocarbon coatings.  Their performance is based upon the development of ultra-thin nano-scale coating technology whose active ingredient is silicon dioxide – commonly known as quartz or sand – which came out of the Leibnitz Institute for New Materials back in 2000.

The benefits of being able to create a layer of repellent nano-coating with thickness of approximately 1/80000th the width of a human hair are truly impressive:

  • As the coating molecules  are so small , they bond permanently with molecules on the surface.
  • The coating is invisible – and so surfaces retain their original appearance without being compromised.
  • The permanent bond gives extremely long term performance – where functionality is frequently as long as ten years and coatings will wear at the same rate as the substrate
  • Application is invariably simple and straightforward – by spraying or polishing-in of 1 part solutions.

Our Environmental Responsibility:

The world’s environment and population has suffered from the use of unhealthy fluorocarbon coating technology containing PFCs  (per-fluorinated carbons) for many years. The strongest PFC’s are now banned from use in many sectors due to their harmful effects.

Protection Zone products have fulfilled a role in multiple sectors with PFC free alternatives, where legislation has made previously used technologies unsustainable.

Our Cutting Edge Product Development:

Whilst Protection Zone nano-coating products represent a broad new generation of technology , continuous product development has created some significant recent breakthroughs :

Nano-Ceramics  – Our quartz technology has been enhanced through the introduction of additional ceramic elements to create super robust scratch resistant performance for a range of surfaces – from car paint to ceramic hobs. Read more here about the difference between a nano-coating and a nano-ceramic – and how to tell the difference between the “Real Macoy”  and other products  which might not be all they’re cracked up to be !

LiquidGuard –  A permanent bond anti-microbial coating, which physically kills microbes as they make contact with the surface. It’s effective against bacteria , viruses , mould and fungi – and whilst in households it gives peace of mind for those concerned about the spread of hand-surface-hand infection , it also played a significant role in re-assuring employees in many Govt buildings during the pandemic.  

Solar (PV) PanelGuard – The efficiency of solar panel energy generation is significantly effected by build-up of dirt and pollution , and the amount of sunlight that’s deflected from the glass surface . As access for cleaning of solar panels is often difficult , our hydrophilic repellent coating allows contamination to run-off the glass surface – thus vastly reducing the amount of energy generation lost through dirty surfaces. Overall energy efficiency enhancement has been proven to reach 6-7% in on-site studies.  

Our Business Evolution:

Whilst Protection Zone technology has been used by equipment manufacturers from the outset , testament to its growing use in consumer applied products is reflected in the long-term success of brands such as Showerguard™ , Screenguard™  and Fabricshield™ .

Protection Zone delivers user friendly hydrophobic and hydrophilic technology to create innovative water and oil repellent products which enhance performance and extend the life of multiple building finishes, household products and surfaces.

Let’s make the world easy-clean – together !