Garden Zone

Long-life weathering protection for your outdoor lifestyle.

The outdoor space around our homes is our solace from the humdrum of everyday life –  an increasing trend that is set to continue with our longer, warmer summers.
The trusted BBQ may have evolved into an outside kitchen, and the humble deckchair to a corner sofa. These remain outdoors in all conditions and can very quickly begin to look weathered if not maintained.
Nano-coatings offer a subtle yet effective protection for outdoor arrangements whilst making them easy-clean / stain resistant – from awning to patio.

Eco-Friendly Stone & Patio Sealer- Retaining natural beauty!

With the advent of fire pits, outdoor kitchens and extensive dining areas, maintaining the original look and feel of sandstone patios and stone pavers is easy to achieve with our indistinguishable long-term “non-wet look” Eco-Friendly Stone and Patio Sealer.
Porous patio stone surfaces benefit from a sealant protection in order to maintain their appearance. Due to the absorbent nature of stone /sandstone it is vulnerable to wear, tear and damage. Traditional fluorocarbon sealers may only have a functional lifespan of 6 months due to their susceptibility to UV degradation. Eco-Friendly Stone and Patio Sealer bonds physically with the substrate and is UV resistant with 10 year functionality.  

Multi-Purpose Brick & Stone Protector - Super strength repellence

Multi-Purpose Brick & Stone Protector is an indistinguishable protective coating that leaves porous stone and brick structures with a super strength anti-stain, non-discolouring surface layer. 
A strong concentration of SiO2 (sand/quartz) active ingredient in a water based, quick and easy to apply one-application coating delivers an effective solution for diverse purposes such as preventing moss growth on North facing walls to preventing the adhesion of graffiti agents. 

Fabricshield™ - Weathering the worst outdoor elements!

Fabricshield™ is a superior water, oil and dirt repellent coating for use on all outdoor textiles. The water based SiO2 solution coats every fibre with a water and oil repellent easy-clean protection. Fabricshield is highly UV stable and remains active when consistently exposed to high levels of sunlight.
Fabricshield will largely prevent any ‘greening’ on awnings and outdoor textiles – and any light green shading can be easily removed with a light rinse and agitation.

GlassGuard™ - Make exterior glass easy-clean!

GlassGuard™ 10 year functionality* easy-clean glass coating . The UK’s market leading SiO2 (quartz based) nano-coating that gives glass and other vitreous surfaces a permanent non-stick, easy-clean, anti–stain/fingerprint finish that bonds to become part of the glass surface – it can’t wash or peel off, and reduces the need for cleaning by up to 70%. GlassGuard is used by leading glass unit manufacturers in the UK as their “permanent” easy-clean finish.