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Easy - Clean Home Care "super powers"

Our range of nano-coating protective products for household surfaces provide time-saving, easy-clean solutions for: shower screens and bathroom surfaces; ceramic hobs; brushed stainless steel cooker hoods; Aga tops; oven glass; soft furnishings and upholstery – making life easy-clean!

brushed stainless steel kitchen facilies

GlassGuard™ - Make exterior glass easy-clean!

GlassGuard™ 10 year functionality* easy-clean glass coating . The UK’s market leading SiO2 (quartz based) nano-coating that gives glass and other vitreous surfaces a permanent non-stick, easy-clean, anti–stain/fingerprint finish that bonds to become part of the glass surface – it can’t wash or peel off, and reduces the need for cleaning by up to 70%. GlassGuard is used by leading glass unit manufacturers in the UK as their “permanent” easy-clean finish


Optiperl - for an environmentally conscious easy-clean world!

Optiperl is a fluorine free durable nano-coating for internal glass and ceramics designed to give the optimum easy-clean finish. It provides a ‘durable water repellence”, with a “water-glide” effect, which ensures that dust, dirt and limescale are repelled from adhering to the surface.


Dura Nano Ceramic - Creating a stir in the kitchen!

The use of nano ceramics on car paintwork to prevent minor scratches and to give a dirt and water repellent easy-clean finish is well known in the car detailing sector.

Now the Dura range has been developed to offer home owners a heat resistant and food-safe, non-stick finish for surfaces where dried-on food residues can be tough to remove. 


Leather & Textile Treatment - Nourish leather back to life!

Leather & Textile treatment is a fluorine free eco-friendly dirt and water repellent coating for use within the home.
Formulated for the treatment of leather furniture – new and vintage – it nourishes to regain appearance and suppleness. Can also be used on shoes and boots providing them with a strong water and dirt repellent finish.

Fabricshield™ - Against everyday water, dirt and grime!

Fabricshield™ offers fans of outdoor living superior water, oil and dirt repellence for all clothing and textiles – both natural or synthetic fibres. This water based solution, coats every fibre with an SiO2 (quartz based) hydrophobic and oleophobic easy clean barrier which provides excellent appearance retention.


Liquid Guard® Textile Spray - Tackling stale fabric odours!

Liquid Guard® Textile Spray is an antimicrobial treatment for textiles. The anti-bac ingredient bonds permanently to the fabrics’ fibres, providing them with a long term anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-mould and anti-fungal protection – therefore reducing the development of bacterial odours.

The coating also prevents the spread of common household infections (coughs and colds, athlete’s foot, Influenza A) through hand-surface-hand contact by eliminating the germ on surface contact.


Germ Wipe-out 365™- Avoids hand-surface-hand infection at home!

An estimated half a million people in the UK live with some form of immunosuppression. This affects many of their day-to-day activities and decisions, such as; should I or can I keep my pet? Should I see my grandchildren? Their need to balance the risk of infection and everyday life is a constant concern and juggle.

Germ Wipe-out 365™ is an anti-bacterial, anti-viral ‘wipe-on glass’ liquid coating that makes non-absorbent household surfaces ‘self disinfecting’. It physically kills harmful microbes that are transferred to surfaces through hand-surface-hand contact by visitors, family/friends and carers.

Bathroom Wipe-out 365 - Year long protection against bathroom nasties

Bathroom Wipe-out 365™ self-disinfecting surface treatment is the newest generation of surface protection that ensures all surfaces stay clean. It kills viruses, bacteria, moulds and fungi on surface contact ensuring everyday household surfaces stay clean and don’t transmit germs between family members. By helping to reduce the spread of infections, coughs and colds at home and within the community, those who are particularly susceptible to illness are kept safe.

Showerguard™ - Revive your glass shower-screen!

Glass showerscreens can be one of the most intensely contaminated household surfaces. Overtime, the build-up of limescale and soap scum can become hard to remove. Maintaining the look and feel of a new shower has never been easier with Showerguard™ with the bonus that cleaning becomes effortless!

Showerguard™ provides easy maintenance for new and existing bathroom furniture with the most effective and environmentally responsible glass improvement system available. It can be used on any shower enclosure glass, glazed ceramic tiles and porcelain bathroom fittings. It forms an inert bond with the surface, creating a smooth, anti-stain, non dis-colouring surface layer.


Solar (PV) PanelGuard: Energy saving - bird poo repellent coating!

Solar (PV) PanelGuard is an anti-reflective, anti-pollution surface coating for solar panels that increases light transmission – whilst reducing dirt and pollution build-up. It’s a water based liquid coating with a silica based composition that permanently bonds to the solar glass. It measurably increases the light transmission of the glass panel by 2.5%, whilst also increasing energy yield overall by 6-7% by repelling environmental pollution – which can itself reduce overall panel effectiveness by between 15-40%.


TankGuard™ - Onerous fish tank cleaning is now a thing of the past!

Harnessing the power of nanotechnology research and development, TankGuard is a tried and tested product to aid glass fish tank cleansing.

TankGuard will completely transform your tank maintenance; first slowing the build up of algae, then preventing it from sticking to the glass!

TankGuard delivers such an amazing performance through an ability to develop permanent strong but inert chemical bonds with the glass substrate. This innovative product can be applied to both new and existing tanks following a simple deep clean treatment.

TankGuard algae Inhibitor is the most revolutionary labour saving product available in the aquatic market – haled by aquatic enthusiasts! This inertly bonding coating – certified as food-safe – transforms the removal of any algae to “finger-wipe easy!”


Refresh – Banish greasy finger marks on stainless steel!

Today’s sharply styled kitchen interiors frequently feature an impressive gleam from high design fridges, cooker hoods and dishwashers finished with brushed stainless steel.

These high-end aesthetics can be frustratingly compromised by finger prints, grease and smears – which are notoriously difficult to remove. Refresh cleans and removes marks – and then conceals future deposits as a semi-permanent anti-finger print coating.

Anti-Mist - Clean up the morning mist!

Anti-Mist is a glass cleaner that prevents mist/fogging from forming on internal windows and mirrors – no need to wipe condensation away which often leaves visible streaks when dry!
Anti-mist is also suitable for use eye glasses, preventing them from misting up when opening the oven, reading in the bath, or with changes of temperature!