Refresh, revitalise and banish greasy finger marks from your kitchen

brushed stainless steel kitchen facilies

Nothing beats stepping back to admire your perfectly cleaned pristine kitchen,  and nothing gleams quite the same as brushed steel fridges and cooker hoods.   Brushed or “structured” stainless steel and other brushed metal finishes are used in kitchens for many reasons :-

•            Strength – withstanding wear and tear of everyday activities

•            Resistance to corrosion – it’s not susceptible to oxidation and rust – unless in extreme circumstances

•            Heat resistant to high temperatures

•            Aesthetically pleasing on the eye

•            Easy to clean and hygienic – as long as you use the right cleaning materials !!

As with most surfaces , brushed stainless has a few disadvantages. It’s a magnet for finger-prints – which can build up quickly in a busy kitchen environment, along with cooking grease , household dust and dirt. So whilst  appearing robust and uniform when new , brushed metal surfaces are in fact highly vulnerable to greasy deposits and scratches and scrapes that occur through everyday family use. It’s not surprising how quickly brushed surfaces become worn and tired looking – and this can be exacerbated when inappropriate cleaners that leave a smeared surface are used – particularly detergents and general surface cleaners.

As a familiar problem in many households –  an old wife’s tale has evolved around the use of baby oil to cover up such smearing and staining – essentially by slightly darkening the structure of the brushed finish with a layer of oil!!  While it may seem like a good idea and achieve the desired aesthetic solution initially , applying a layer of sticky oil to any surface will create a magnetic like attraction to dust and dirt – whilst also attracting any passing pet hair ! A greasy finish on any surface is not desirable  – as of course anyone touching the oiled area then transfers it to other surfaces –  yuck!

But don’t give up hope on the idea of non-greasy finger-print free brushed stainless steel finishes. There is an answer in the form of Refresh. A liquid quartz semi-permanent coating that first cleans off , removes marks and conceals scratches on all brushed metal surfaces. Once the surface has been cleaned with Refresh , a finishing coat is applied in the direction of the metal grain and left to dry for 24hrs . The coating then conceals any future greasy fingerprints, deposits and marks – with the anti- fingerprint effect easily topped up once every three months – or as part of your deep clean schedule (spring clean, summer sort, autumn clean and pre-Christmas). In the meantime Refresh can be is used as a regular cleaner as and when necessary.

For more information or to shop for Refresh click here

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