Protection Zone is stocking the third generation of ultra-thin coating, Liquid Guard™ ‘wipe-on glass’, it provides any non-absorbent surface with a long term self-disinfecting performance.

Simply by wiping Liquid Guard™ onto the surface it transforms any kind of non-absorbent substrate in to a ‘full kill zone’ for pathogen microorganisms. Liquid Guard™ forms a robust and effective barrier that kills an extensive range of microbes including MRSA, E-coli, Salmonella choleraesuis, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa to name a few. Liquid Guard provides protection against the rise of drug resistant super bacteria and pathogens, which are considered to pose one of the most dangerous threats to human health by the World Health Organisation.

Hand-surface-hand germ transfer of viruses

The ‘wipe-on glass’ coating that Liquid Guard™ generates forms a physical barrier that, when cured, is slightly rough on a microscopic scale and positively charged. It is this positive charge that attracts the negatively charged cell membranes, which are then punctured on the coated surface, causing the ‘full kill’ of the microbes.

The advantage over traditional biocides is that the method of kill is physical and therefore non-mutagenic. The chemical kill action of biocides if used incorrectly due to human error by using the incorrect dilution rates or ineffective cleaning coverage can result in the development of immune microorganisms. The physical kill nature of Liquid Guard™ means that microorganism cannot mutate to survive.

Liquid Guard™ is safe to use on electronic items such as smartphones, computer keyboards, touchscreens as well as being effective on door handles, hand rails and counter tops. It’s ideal for any hard surface in a high traffic communal areas where microorganisms are passed via hand – surface- hand contact and can be especially effective in breaking infection cycles in care homes, hospitals, offices, schools and nurseries.

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