Anti Mist

Anti Mist


Anti-Mist is a glass cleaner that prevents mist/fogging on internal windows and mirrors, removing the need to wipe condensation away which often leaves visible streaks when dry.

Coverage: 5- 15 ml /m²

£ Cost / m²: £0.14 –£0.41

Durability: 2 months – depending on room / steam use.


For all glass including bathroom mirrors, car/caravan windows, spectacle lenses.

Anti-Mist Performance:

  • Excellent performance
  • No smears
  • No irritants
  • Environmentally friendly

Anti-Mist Benefits:

  • Prevents misting of eye wear
  • Prevents fogging of bathroom mirrors
  • Prevents fogging /misting on internal auto-glass and mirrors.



Additional information

Chemical basis:

modified silicon dioxide

Layer thickness:

approx. 100 – 120 nm

Water resistance:

1°-5° (20μl)

Temperature stability:

100°C permanent

Chemical stability:


Durability (mechanical):




Storage stability:

2 years

Temperature sensitivity:

-3°C to 30°C


5 – 15 ml/m2


Drops of the liquid are applied either on a slightly absorbent cloth or directly to the substrate. Clean the substrate until free of dirt particles. The anti-mist effect is only maintained through ongoing application of Anti-Mist to the clean surface. The surface should not be buffed, but left to air-dry as a film.

Standard sizes:




Contains alcohol – keep away from children.

Active ingredients: Ethanol 80–99%, demineralized water 10–20%, silicon
dioxide 0.25–10%.

Application Video

Coming soon 😊

Application Instructions

Spray-on to the surface, then clean and then  lightly spread using a clean lint-free cloth or paper towel – allow to dry.

Effect can last for 2 months+ depending on room/steam use.

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