Fabricshield™ is a water based,  skin-friendly and fluorocarbon free fabric treatment  that offers invisible, high durability, stain, dirt and water resistance without affecting textiles’ handling properties – ideal for silks and wedding dresses.

For interior and exterior use.

Coverage: Approx’ 30 – 80 ml/m² depending on fabric

£ Cost / m²: £0.86 – 2.30

Durability: 10-40 washes


Fabricshield™ stain and water repellence for the most sensitive fabrics from wedding dresses to camping equipment.

Fabricshield™ Performance :

  • Strong invisible water and oil repellence
  • User friendly, water based, non-hazardous – no noxious fumes
  • Easy spray-on application
  • Environment : Ökotex certified (ECO Passport)
  • Quick drying in approx’ 30 mins – fully cured after 24 hrs
  • Long lasting – UV stable
  • Highly repellent against organic/inorganic contamination including bird droppings on outdoor seating
  • Can be used on velvet pile fabrics
  • Can be applied to sensitive silk and taffeta fabrics including wedding dresses and evening wear

Fabricshield™ Advice for removing spillages and soiling :

Whilst it will help to prevent the build up of ground-in dirt and the effects of staining, follow the
advice below for general cleaning and treatment of heavy and strong stains.

  • Spillages should be treated immediately.
  • Pick up the liquid with an absorbent cloth (such as kitchen roll) without rubbing it to the textile material.
  • Work from the outside of the spillage inwards, so as to avoid spreading the liquid.
  • For dried-on, firm or softer soiling, remove the excess residue before treating the spillage area with a blunt knife or a spatula. Gently brushing off excess residue impurities has also proved to be successful with dried-on spillages.
  • Afterwards dab the spillage gently with a damp cloth or sponge, and remove any remaining spillage with an absorbent cloth, as described above. Repeat this until the spillage/stain has disappeared completely.

Fabricshield™Applications :

Fabricshield™ can be applied to all home textiles, such as:

  • Upholstery
  • Curtains, mattresses, carpets, tablecloths
  • Garden furniture – sun shades, outdoor seating, canopies
  • Camping equipment – tents, sleeping bags and awnings
  • Apparel – shirts, blouses, jeans, ties
  • Outer-wear – coats, cycling and sports clothing
  • Car accessories, such as mats, carpets, child seats and car upholstery
  • Wedding dresses and formal wear

Additional information

Chemical basis:

modified silicon dioxide

Layer thickness:

approx. 100 – 150 nm

Water resistance:

between 130° and 150° (20µl)

Oil resistance:

between 120° and 130° (20µl)

Slip angle:

not applicable

Chemical stability:

between pH 1 and pH 13

Temperature stability:

250°C permanent , 450°C peak

Weather resistance:

3500h pursuant to ISO 11507 A

Wash stability:

10-40 washes according to (AATCC) Test Method 135, ECE formulation washing powder, non-phosphate reference



Salt water resistant:


Storage stability:

2 years

Temperature sensitivity:

1°C to 30°C


80 – 150ml/m²


The liquid is applied to the surface using standard pump/trigger spray systems. If the substrate does not instantly absorb, roller application is advised to ensure uniform wetting. The coating is fully cured after 24 hours.

Standard sizes:



This product is non hazardous.

Application Video

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Application Instructions

Application instructions:
1) To ensure best performance, textiles should be cleaned thoroughly before application.

2) Spray at a distance of approx’ 20-30 cm from the textile surface.

3) Only apply to the point where the textiles become wet; avoid over application that leads to Fabricshield™ forming pools on the surface.

4) Textiles will dry in approx’ 30 minutes at room temperature and coating is fully cured after 24 hrs.

5) Drying can be accelerated by ironing where appropriate

6) Textiles can be reshaped using an iron.

FabricShield SDS Sheet


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