Tankguard™ – permanently turning the tide on fish-tank algae build-up  

Tankguard™, the revolutionary algae inhibitor, is now available on-line, making easy tank maintenance highly accessible! 

Since the product launch to rave trade reviews, Tankguard has impressed retailers, manufacturers and new tank owners with its amazing labour saving performance. 

Applied to freshwater, tropical or marine glass tanks, Tankguard is a coating, which enables finger-wipe removal of algae, saving hours of onerous scraping. The treatment delivers such a performance through an ability to develop permanent, but inert chemical bonds with the glass substrate. Algae are then unable to adhere to the surface of the glass due a microscopic smoothing of the glass surface. This innovative product can be applied to new or thoroughly deep cleaned existing tanks. 

Tankguard is invisible, will not impair the optical value of the glass, and it only needs to be applied once for permanent performance. The product is available in a spray-on kit (coverage 3m 2).For more information on this premium product click here.

Onerous Tank Cleaning- A thing of the past! 

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