Nano liquid: now with anti-viral and anti-bac protection for your phone for 365 days!

Following on from the popular BBC tech show ‘Click’ that aired over the weekend, we would like to continue the conversation about cleaning phones.

Our mobile phones have become our ‘go to’ bit of kit, they tell us the time, receive our messages and e-mails , entertain us with podcasts, music and TV shows, in fact, there is very little we don’t use our phones for.  Due to this high level of dependency, our phones are in and out of our pockets and bags, taken into the bedroom, bathroom, public toilets, left on desks and meeting room tables and passed round colleagues, friends and family.

But how often do you clean it? And when you do, is it really clean? We are currently living in unprecedented times and we’ve heard more in the last two weeks about the transfer of ‘germs’ via the hand-surface-hand transfer route than at any other time. But we must not overlook the role our phones play in the transfer of both bacteria and viruses, which is why the Click show covered it.

While they advocated the use of soap and water to clean the finger grease and germs from your phone, (we’ve never been comfortable with phone and water) and along with alcohol wipes the ‘germs’ are removed at that moment in time, but as soon as it comes into contact with a contaminated surface or hands, the phone becomes a ‘carrier’ again.

The use of a liquid nano (silicon dioxide) coating can restore the screen’s original oleophobic properties for up to twelve months.

We can go one step better than that:  Liquid Guard® is a nano liquid with anti-bac and anti-viral properties (test certificates for its effectiveness on Influenza A and other common infections are available to download and it is in the queue to be tested for Corona virus (SARS CoV-19). It can be used on all hard surfaces, including your mobile phone and tech equipment, the glass-like coating lasts for twelve months. The anti-bac and anti-viral protection works 24/7- 365 day of the year, killing germs that come into contact with its treated surface.

So, you can maintain your phone’s hydrophobic and oleophobic coating and be confident that your phone is not transferring infections back to your hands once you have washed them.

Liquid Guard is available in a retail kit format, as Bathroom Wipe-Out 365, which provides a coverage sufficient to coat the laptops, phones, tablets and remote controls of a typical family of five, generally under £20, google for retailers.

To watch the BBC Click phone report click the link below and watch from 12.30min-16.11min

BBC Click weekend 14th/15th March

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