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Harnessing the power of molecular technology research and development, Tankguard™ is a tried and tested new product for glass fish tanks. Acting as an algae inhibitor, Tankguard™ delays the build up of algae, and makes its removal extremely quick and easy.

Tankguard™ is made up of silicon dioxide molecules whose surface energy is modified by anti-bonding molecules. On application to the glass, molecules from the coating and the substrate start to bond together.

Once applied, a micro–thin layer bonds permanently with the glass to leave a smooth,  anti stain, non-discolouring surface layer.


  • All cold water, tropical and marine fish tanks.


  • Prevents algae from adhering to glass surface for prolonged periods.
  • Invisable
  • Certified as chemically inert, ensuring no bleeding into water.
  • Provides a permanent, repeat performance protection.
  • Significantly reduces cleaning frequency.
  • Easier to clean, with no abrasives.

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