Welcome to Showerguard™, the most revolutionary and durable labour-saving product available in bathroom protection, it prevents limescale and makes glass and other non-absorbent surfaces easy clean.

Showerguard™ provides protection for shower enclosure glass, glazed ceramic titles porcelain and mirrors. Easy maintenance for new and existing bathroom furniture with the strongest and most durable glass improvement system available.

The nano-particles within Showerguard™ form a strong bond with the surface of the glass, glazed ceramic tiles, porcelain and mirrors giving it a smooth anti-stain, non dis-colouring surface layer.

The coating is crystal clear, UV stable, chemically inert and extremely durable, having both hydrophobic and oleophobic capabilities providing a robust defence against the build-up of limescale, soap residues and urine scale. Cleaning frequency can be reduced by as much as 70%.

Showerguard™ products are all non-toxic and environmentally friendly, all packaging including bottles can be recycled and the cloths can be reused.

One easy application gives permanent protection to approximately 3m2

Resists damaging chemical attack from harmful soaps and limescale
Retains and preserves long term glass transparency
Easy application, up to 3m square of coverage
Environmentally responsible – all packaging can be reused or recycled
Makes cleaning much easier, can reduce everyday cleaning frequency by up to 70%

Showerguard™ range

Showerguard™ New glass (Blue pack)

This is for newly installed glass

Showerguard™ Refurb kit (Purple pack)

This is to refurbish existing glass
ShowerguardRefurb New Kit

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