Tankguard™- cutting out tank cleaning elbow grease!

Tankguard™, the revolutionary algae inhibitor, is now available on-line, making easy tank maintenance highly accessible! Since the product launch to rave trade reviews, Tankguard has impressed retailers, manufacturers and new tank owners with its amazing labour saving performance. Applied to freshwater, tropical or marine glass tanks, Tankguard is a coating, which enables finger-wipe removal of algae, saving hours of…

Bathroom Wipe-out 365 product picture

Third generation permanent anti-bac launched

Signo Nanocare UK are launching their third generation of ultra-thin coating, Bathroom Wipe-out 365™ ‘wipe-on glass’, which provides any non-absorbent surface with a long term self-disinfecting performance. Simply by applying Bathroom Wipe-out 365™ onto the surface it transforms any kind of non-absorbable substrate in to a ‘full kill zone’ for pathogen microorganisms.  Bathroom Wipe-out 365™…